Pet Lights

Introducing Safeglow® LED Products to Australia

Safeglow®is an innovative Australian company located on the Surf Coast, Victoria, Australia. You can purchase Safeglow products with total confidence as we provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of any product you purchase, or if it is damaged in transit. Our FAQs page has detailed information on our shipping costs, volume discounts, payment options, gift packaging & GST.

Safeglow® LED Dog Collars & Harnesses provide 3 levels of protection in low light: (1) Vibrant Hi-Vis Product Colours for 24-hour safety. (2) Bright LED illumination with a visibility of 500 metres for superior night-time safety. (3) Highly Reflective Trim for additional pet safety. As our collars and harnesses are rechargeable, there are no consumable batteries to replace. In the interests of safe dog walking during Covid, we are currently providing our customers with a 30% Discount on Safeglow illuminated pet gear. Just enter the Coupon Code petsafety30 on checkout to receive the discount. For orders over $25.00 you’ll also receive a bonus Safeglow Reflective Dog Collar, valued at $24.95, to help keep your pets safe 24 hours per day. Order over $75.00 of Safeglow products and in addition to FREE Shipping, you will receive a $29.95 LED Sports Belt to securely hold all your valuables when walking your pets.

We are proud of our collar and harness designs and the dedicated service we provide to clients worldwide. You can reduce your risk of injury with Safeglow LED products as they provide proactive safety and don’t rely on reflected light from vehicles for you and your pets to be seen in the dark. A special feature of our LED collars, harnesses and personal alarms is the ability to be recharged from a standard USB charger in only 3 hours. Our ultra-slim products such as our Wrist Bands and Arm Bands use easily-replaceable CR2032 batteries which are included with those products.

For personal LED safety & fitness apparel please visit our sister website: To protect your luggage and portable electronic devices please visit Thank you for your interest in the SAFEGLOW GROUP – Keeping People, Pets & Possessions Safe